Eppendorf 5702 RH Refrigerated Centrifuge Gekühlte Zentrifuge A-4-38 Rotor 15/50

Eppendorf 5702 RH Refrigerated Centrifuge Gekühlte Zentrifuge A-4-38 Rotor 15/50

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Eppendorf 5702 RH Refrigerated Centrifuge Gekühlte Zentrifuge A-4-38 Rotor 15/50

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Manufacturer: Eppendorf, Germany

Model: 5702 RH Refrigerated / Heated Centrifuge incl. Rotor A-4-38

SN: 5704DN803188


With the refrigerated centrifuge 5702 R and the precise temperature control provided by the centrifuge 5702 RH, 2 centrifuges in these application area of small, medical and cell culture labs are available.


• Max. speed: 3,000 × g (4,400 rpm)
• Very compact footprint to fit on every lab bench
• Very quiet operation to benefit your environment
• Low access height for simple loading and unloading of samples
• SOFT brake function for slow acceleration and braking. Optimized for cell separation by gradient centrifugation
• “At set RPM” function starts the timer when the selected rotational speed is reached for reproducible centrifugation runs
• Key lock to prevent unintentional adjustments
• Stainless steel rotor chamber is rust-free and easy to clean
• Electronic imbalance detection for maximum safety

Special Features:

• Temperature settings from -9 °C to 40 °C
• FastTemp™ function for fast precooling
• Continuous cooling maintains a constant temperature after the run has been completed – your samples stay cool
• ECO shut-off engages after 8 hours of non-use to reduce energy consumption and extend compressor life
• Two program keys to store routine procedures
• Active heating guarantees high temperature accuracy during the entire centrifugation cycle

Specifications Centrifuge 5702 RH:

Max. RCF: 3,000 × g
Speed: 100 – 4,400 rpm (100 rpm steps)
Max. capacity: 4 × 100 mL
Rotors available: 6
Acceleration time: 25 s
Deceleration time: 25 s
Timer: 0 – 99 min, with continuous run function
SOFT brake function: yes
Noise level: < 45 dB(A) with Rotor A-4-38
Volume range: 400 mL
Power supply: 230 V, 50 – 60 Hz
Max. power consumption: 380 W
Dimensions (W × D × H): 38 × 58 × 26 cm
Height (with open lid): 60 cm
Weight w/o accessories: 36 kg
Cooling: refrigerated/heated
Temperature control range: -9 °C to 42 °C

Eppendorf Rotor A-4-38:

• Maximum speed: 3,000 × g (4,400 rpm)
• Standard rotor for centrifugation of blood collection tubes or 15/50 mL conical tubes
• incl. 2 x adapter for 15 ml Falcon® adapter
• incl. 2 x adapter for 50 ml Falcon® adapter
• Round buckets for vessels with 1.5  –  100 mL
• Wide variety of adapters for all blood collection tubes and cell culture tube types
• Aerosol-tight caps for safe centrifugation of hazardous samples optionally available

Items delivered:

– Eppendorf 5702RH Refrigerated/Heated Centrifuge
– Rotor A-4-38 incl. Buckets (2x 10ml Falcon, 2x 50ml Falcon)
– Power Cord
– Instruction Manual

The centrifuge is in absolutely new condition and has just run for testing (2h of absolute operating hours).

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